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Waste Reduction

While recycling and reusing materials is important, the most beneficial thing you can do to make an impact is to minimize the amount of waste that you produce in the first place, including wasted food. Read the full story here.

Website & New Logo

As part of our efforts to grow and stay relevant, Combs has designed a new logo and website. We kept to the family’s agricultural roots with the cowboy hat because after all everyone should be stewards of the environment. We are very excited about the website. Our customers can benefit by getting updated on what Combs is doing to help them.

Introducing Las Vegas Livestock: A look back on 2018

It has been a big year for food scrap recycling in the Las Vegas Valley. Hank and Clint Combs fulfilled their plans of opening a pig farm right outside of the Valley. Las Vegas Livestock, the farm, will utilize the most modern technologies in order to become a premier food scrap recycler. Using pigs as […]

Are the value of your recyclables in the dumps?

Anyone involved in the recycling industry this year has noticed a large downturn in commodity prices. It is discouraging for companies who believe in sustainability efforts but are trying to make it economical. China has always been the largest buyer of the world’s recyclables. According to CBS News, China is following an anti-pollution policy that […]

Horizontal Baler

Exciting news! Combs is utilizing a horizontal baler at our largest waste generating account. This will allow us to handle more material faster and reduce labor. More information on horizontal balers is coming soon!