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COMBS Recyclable Material is Handled Locally

You may have heard recent news regarding Las Vegas hotels being involved in the California recycling redemption fraud investigation. https://www.ktnv.com/news/crime/massive-california-recycling-scam-involves-las-vegas-casinos The COMBS family would like to make it known that we have never and will never commit any such crime which would jeopardize the relationship we have with our hotel customers. All recyclable materials entrusted to COMBS are sold, processed, […]

Experts in Recycling Dock Design

The Combs Brothers are the go-to consultants for recycling dock design on the strip. They have helped engineers at several properties including Wynn & Encore, Venetian, City Center and Resorts World design an area that optimizes their recycling program. When Combs first started providing a downstream recycling service, they had to work in cramped trash […]

Las Vegas Livestock Pork

The buying local idea always seems great: keeping money in the economy in which you reside and giving back to the community you live in. Often, the How is the hard part, especially when it comes to buying from local farms. Living in a desert presents its own challenges to finding local food and farmers, […]

Benefits & Challenges of Feeding Food Scraps to Pigs

It is no surprise that food waste is a problem in the United States. The latest study that the EPA did in 2017 estimated that 30.6 million tons of food was landfilled. The other 25% of food waste was diverted from the landfill by way of composting, biodigesters and feeding animals. There are several different […]

Keeping You Safe During COVID Pandemic

Here at Combs, we are excited to be returning back to work in June. Our administrative team is already back to work and preparing for the return of the rest of our employees. It is our goal to provide a safe working environment that will minimize risk and continue to reduce the spread of COVID-19. […]

Fox News at LVL

While tens of thousands of people rely on the Las Vegas Strip for work to keep food on the table, thousands of pigs also rely on the Strip for their meals. Las Vegas Livestock, a local pig farm located about 30 miles northeast of the Strip, uses the food scraps from the casinos and turn […]

The effects of COVID on LVL

On a normal day, the farm would get 20 tons of food from casinos and restaurants across the valley. Once the strip shut down and casinos closed, their food source was cut off. Read the full story here.

Our new website and what that means for you

Combs Brothers LLC is starting off 2020 with a brand-new website! The brothers have never been much for bragging about their business, but there have been too many exciting developments in the last few years for them not to share with their customers and those interested in Las Vegas recycling. What does the new website […]