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COMBS Recyclable Material is Handled Locally

You may have heard recent news regarding Las Vegas hotels being involved in the California recycling redemption fraud investigation.

The COMBS family would like to make it known that we have never and will never commit any such crime which would jeopardize the relationship we have with our hotel customers.

All recyclable materials entrusted to COMBS are sold, processed, or otherwise transferred to local, reputable, licensed and permitted facilities right here in Clark County Nevada.

Combs Recycling Disposable Gloves and Face Masks

Combs Brothers has been helping a customer recycle the single use gloves and face masks that have entered the waste stream since COVID-19 safety procedures have been implemented.

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Fox News at LVL

While tens of thousands of people rely on the Las Vegas Strip for work to keep food on the table, thousands of pigs also rely on the Strip for their meals.

Las Vegas Livestock, a local pig farm located about 30 miles northeast of the Strip, uses the food scraps from the casinos and turn it into feed. Read the story here

The effects of COVID on LVL

On a normal day, the farm would get 20 tons of food from casinos and restaurants across the valley. Once the strip shut down and casinos closed, their food source was cut off. Read the full story here.

Las Vegas Livestock - Eggs

Egg Delivery Now Available

Egg Delivery is now available for the Northwest Las Vegas Valley. Get Farm Fresh Eggs delivered to your door! Sign up here.


Waste Reduction

While recycling and reusing materials is important, the most beneficial thing you can do to make an impact is to minimize the amount of waste you produce in the first place, including wasted food. You can refuse to accept things like single-use plastics–such as bags, bottled water, utensils, straws and coffee cups. Bring your own cloth bags, produce bags, sporks, water bottles and reusable cups or mugs. Purchase items with the least amount of packaging. This is the best way to guarantee that your stuff isn’t headed toward the trash. Read the full story here.


Website & New Logo

Combs is announcing a new logo and website. We kept to the family’s agricultural roots with the cowboy hat because after all everyone should be stewards of the environment. We are very excited about the website. Our customers can benefit by getting updated on what Combs is doing to help them.

Combs Brother LLC recycling - Venetian

Horizontal Baler

Exciting news! Combs is utilizing a horizontal baler at our largest waste generating account. This will allow us to handle more material faster and reduce labor. More information on horizontal balers is coming soon!

Las Vegas Livestock food recycling Venetian

2017 Supplier Excellence Award

Combs Brothers were honored to receive the 2017 Supplier Excellence Award from our largest customer.