• Combs Brothers LLC Careers

Working for Combs means:

  • Biweekly payroll
  • Flexible schedules
  • Full time & part time schedules
  • Holiday Pay
  • Paid breaks
  • Health Insurance
  • Fast-paced work environment

We are always looking for qualified people for the following positions:

Recycling Technician

Job Summary:
The Combs Brothers, LLC (CB) Recycling Technician delivers to our customer’s superior service by consistently maintaining a clean and organized dock while providing the most efficient and effective recycling and asset recovery service available.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Process all refuse by hand and open all refuse bags
  2. Separate and collect reusable assets (silverware, linen, glassware, etc.) from refuse
  3. Separate and collect recyclables (cardboard, aluminum, glass, plastic, food scraps etc) from refuse
  4. Wear uniform while on the job
  5. Clean and maintain uniform – notify manager or supervisor for repair or replacement
  6. Keep work area clean
  7. Clean under refuse compactor when it is removed
  8. Maintain clean sorting table, equipment, drains and baler
  9. Notify manager of equipment breakdown or personal injury
  10. Help CB driver load cardboard bales and other recyclables onto truck


Job Summary:
The Combs Brothers Driver delivers to our customer’s superior service by consistently maintaining an uncluttered dock by picking up recyclables in the most timely and efficient manner.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Drive a large truck in a safe manner, obeying every and all traffic laws
  2. Perform daily safety inspection of vehicle; reporting any concerns to management
  3. Pick up recyclables from various locations and deliver to designated vendors
  4. Pack recyclables in truck in a safe manner while making the most use of the limited space
  5. Maintain accurate records of the number of recyclables from each location
  6. Record accurate weights upon delivery of recyclables at the various delivery locations
  7. Wear uniform while on the job
  8. Clean and maintain uniform – notify manager when needs repair/replacement
  9. Notify manager when recyclables seem low at a particular account
  10. Keep truck clean, inside box and cab
  11. Notify manager of any changes in the way the truck is handling/acting
  12. Notify manager immediately of any accident


Job Summary:
The Combs Brothers, LLC (CB) Field Manager delivers superior service to our customers by consistently maintaining a safe and clean work environment through the effective and efficient management of well-trained recycling technicians. This position sets a high standard of work ethic and dependability both to our customers and the community by seeing that the recycling technician’s efforts are directed in the best possible way to fulfill the goals for our customers and Combs Brothers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Supervise Field Staff (Recycling Technicians) including: hiring, training, coaching, counseling, suspensions and terminations
  2. Ensure field staff are thoroughly trained in safety requirements, job duties, payroll timekeeping process, and in the safe use of equipment in compliance with Combs Brothers operating policies and safety guidelines
  3. Ensure customer sites are properly staffed according to customer need and contractual requirements
  4. Ensure work areas assigned to Combs Brothers are clean and well organized at all times
  5. Serve as first contact and respond immediately to all work-related injuries; follow up and report on all injuries according to company safety guidelines
  6. Serve as first contact and respond immediately to customer request and needs; report issues to Field Manager
  7. Monitor all equipment operation to ensure safe and efficient operation; report status and potential repairs to management
  8. Monitor supplies (i.e. first aid supplies, wire ties, soap, brooms, gloves) etc. to ensure supply inventory is ample at all times at all locations
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