We’re creating the most efficient docks and recycling programs in the Las Vegas area.

We’ll sort through your waste stream to ensure maximum recovery of recyclable items to reduce the amount of waste disposed in refuse compactors as well as the cost of waste disposal.

Supervision and management of the staff and dock to ensure high levels of recovery and a safe, clean and efficient work area.

Recovery of your hotel assets (i.e. tableware, glassware and linen) that have been mistakenly discarded. You’ll save money on replacement of those items as well as reduce your disposal costs.
Our independent Count Staff conducts inventories of assets recovered and immediately uploads results to our Client Portal including photographs of assets recovered and customer verification. Data may be downloaded at any time by the customer for customized analysis.
Our local source for utilizing food scraps allows our staff to maximize recovery of food scraps. We’ll also provide totes for food scrap collection to be used as livestock feed.
We can provide bulk containers for collection of used yellow grease that can be collected by Combs and diverted for maximum recovery.
Our trained and uniformed oil filtering technicians clean and service deep fryers on a daily basis or as needed.
Our Cloud-Based Client Portal is available 24/7/365 for our clients to review Waste Diversion results on a monthly basis. Our Portal allows secured access by individual customers and individual users. Data is available for download at any time for independent and customized analysis. Historic information is retained so our customers can analyze the long-term trends in their diversion.
Roll-off services are available for the collection of green waste and compostable materials for composting further increasing waste diversion and reducing waste disposal costs.
We optimize refuse compactor service levels by monitoring tonnage data monthly to minimize disposal costs and diverting more material from the waste stream.
With our experience and knowledge of the business, we can design or re-design systems for maximum efficiency in managing waste and refuse removal.