Our new website and what that means for you

Combs Brothers LLC is starting off 2020 with a brand-new website! The brothers have never been much for bragging about their business, but there have been too many exciting developments in the last few years for them not to share with their customers and those interested in Las Vegas recycling.

What does the new website mean to our customers? This website along with our social media will help our company communicate the innovations and services we provide to our customers recycling programs. There will be more collaboration between our customers, and the website will be a platform to share ideas and projects to make Las Vegas the leader in the resort industry waste reduction.

Even though they are not braggers, the brothers are very passionate about this industry. We are very excited to show that passion for recycling and waste reduction through our website. The visitors will gain more insight into how the most efficient recycling docks function to reduce waste and save our client’s money and resources.

We hope that you enjoy the website and all the information we have included. Please help us share this story. Combs Brother’s exists because of our customers commitment to sustainability so our story is your story.