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Experts in Recycling Dock Design

The Combs Brothers are the go-to consultants for recycling dock design on the strip. They have helped engineers at several properties including Wynn & Encore, Venetian, City Center and Resorts World design an area that optimizes their recycling program. When Combs first started providing a downstream recycling service, they had to work in cramped trash docks with inadequate drainage and poor lighting. These docks were meant to hold a trash compactor and that was all. There was no consideration to our staff’s work environment and safety. There was also no consideration to the amount of space it takes to effectively recycle a wide variety of commodities. The brothers decided that they needed to be involved in the design process from the very beginning to make sure their recycling program is effective.

An old photo depicting how trash can get backed up if there is not ample space to sort through the stream

Before construction starts, the brothers send the engineer some considerations they should use when designing the recycling dock. These range from critical to optional. There are sq. feet suggestions and ceiling height suggestions to ensure there is enough space for the trash compactor as well as several other roll off boxes so the property can take advantage of food scrap, glass and green waste recycling.  They are notified of the power requirements for the cardboard balers and trash compactors. Also, important things for employees, like drinking water and a landline phone for emergencies are included. This just barely scratches the surface of the recommendations the engineer is given. This is based on years of operating a recycling program in areas that were not set up for success.

A sample of a dock design sketch for a large resort.

Once construction starts, the brothers offer their service to tour the site and make further recommendations on the engineer’s design. This process doesn’t stop until opening day. A few weeks ago, the brothers visited Resorts World to see all their hard work at the completed recycling dock. Resorts World is set to open summer 2021.

The brothers touring Resorts World during construction – summer 2020